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Complete Corporate Wellness Programs

A frontline of defense against rising healthcare burdens is a healthier company. The average return on investment for a benchmark wellness program is 6:1.  Wellness services are highly valued as an employee benefit and a key strategy to optimizing each participant’s healthcare investment. Such programs are also positive recruitment and retention tools. When combined with reduced absenteeism, reduced presenteeism, and increased productivity wellness is a controllable variable in your company’s benefit planning.

With Integrity-Wellness’ carefully crafted programs, you get a partner in this endeavor that helps you make the first moves in a new program or helps you revitalize an existing one. As a premier provider of wellness for 3 decades, we combine industry expertise and best practice standards to share this journey with you.

Integrity-Wellness programs are designed to mesh with your corporate messaging, culture and internal employee service. We create and manage services for employees screening into an “alternative standard” for your insurance plan as well as those with good health who wish to maintain or improve. Ultimately, we follow a program trajectory in which each employee participant assumes responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. This is the ultimate goal of wellness sustainability for your company and each employee.